10 Coca Cola Hacks

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Besides being the refreshing drink with the caramel-rich flavor and fun-loving fizz, Coca Cola has a lot of dual purposes that, strangely enough, don’t involve drinking it. The sweet soda can
be used for cleaning, removing rust, and helping your garden thrive. So, whether you’re searching for a new stain-remover of just curious about all the uses for Coca Cola, here’s a few of the most awe-inspiring ways to adore the drink.


1. Toilet Bowl Cleaner

As incredible as it sounds, pour a can of Coca Cola into the toilet bowl and clean it with a toilet wand. The acidity and baking soda in the cola are remarkable stain removers.

Credits to: Emlii


2. Rust Remover

Phosphoric acid in Coca Cola works to activate the corrosion process on rusted items and in turn, loosens rust for easy removal.

Credits to: Emlii


3. Pesticide

Coca Cola’s high sugar content is useful in fighting off garden pests.

Credits to: AOL


4. Bug Repellent

As a diversionary tactic, place bottles of Coca Cola around your outdoor patio and watch bugs flock to it instead of you.

Credits to: AOL


5. Defrosting Properties

If you’re at a loss for a way to defrost your ice-covered windshield, simply pour a can of Coca Cola over the surface and watch in wonder as the ice begins to melt.

Credits to: Lifehack


6. Burnt Pan Fixer

Pour a can of Coca Cola in a pan covered with burnt-on messes and simmer. The residue will wipe away with ease.

Credits to: Lifehack


7. Cure for Corroded Battery Connectors

Soak a towel in a can of Coca Cola and watch the corrosion build-up melt away.

Credits to: All Day


8. Curly Hair Enhancer

Research shows pouring Coca Cola on your hair prior to shampooing enhances the natural wave in hair.

Credits to: All Day


9. Blood Stain Removal

The stain-removing qualities in Coca Cola work well on removing blood stains from clothes.

Credits to: Wise Bread


10. Halting Asthma Attacks

Drinking two cans of Coca Cola reportedly prohibits an asthma attack due to the caffeine content.

Credits to: Wise Bread