10 Health Benefits of Eating Raw Honey

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For thousands of years raw honey has been used for a multitude of things. A spoonful of honey in your tea can not only relieve pollen allergies and soothe a sore throat but can also provide relief from inflammation and heal burns or wounds. Let’s take a look at several ways that adding raw honey to your life can be of great benefit.


1. Counters Pollen Allergies

Raw honey contains pollen which actually helps to boost allergy relief as well as immunity.

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2. Wound And Burn Healer

Honey has been known as a wound and burn healer for centuries. Try placing a little bit of raw honey on your wound or burn, cover with a bandage and watch the results.

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3. Quick Energy

Honey is composed of a unique carbohydrate composition of natural sugars and trace amounts of antioxidants, enzymes, minerals, vitamins and amino acids, making it a smart, natural energy-filled afternoon snack.

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4. A Powerful Antioxidant

Raw honey contains a variety of antioxidants to help fight against the ravages of the environment on our bodies.

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5. Cough Suppressant

Everyone has seen honey flavored cough drops but did you know that a teaspoon of raw honey mixed in with your tea helps to relieve soreness and swelling.

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6. Moisturizer

Place a small amount of raw honey on your skin and wash off with warm water to reveal baby soft skin.

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7. Controlling Dandruff and Hair Loss

Honey applied to the scalp draws out dirt and grime as well as adding amino acids and various other enzymes to the scalp. This dual action provides a clean scalp and reduces hair loss.

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8. Improving Poor Sleep

When ingested, Manuka Honey helps to release melatonin into the bloodstream, aiding in providing your body with a natural way to fall asleep.

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9. Helps With Digestion And Nausea

Pair some raw honey with lemon and you have a very effective way to combat nausea and soothe your sensitive stomach.

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10. Reduces Inflammation

Raw honey has been shown to decrease the levels of homocysteine which are the main components that cause inflammation.

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