10 Health Tips for Men Over 40

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Healthy habits like nutrition and exercise are important and, as a man ages, such habits make all the difference in overall well-being. Part of turning 40 means adjusting to changes in the body and paying attention to how the body reacts to certain activities. Things like shedding fat become increasingly difficult and maintaining muscle mass becomes more of a challenge. So, here are some great health tips to include in your daily regime to keep you feeling your best when you’re over age 40.


1. Use Weight-Bearing Exercises to Maintain Muscle

Muscle mass is harder for men to maintain after age 40 and exercising with free weights helps keep muscles firm.

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2. Manage Stress

Stress can lead to heart disease so engage in activities geared to lowering stress like yoga, exercise, meditation, and classes on stress management.

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3. Annual Check-Ups

After 40, it’s more important than ever for men to schedule annual check-ups with their doctor.

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4. Cardiovascular Health

Engage in activities like walking, biking, running and swimming to maintain good lung capacity and heart health.

Credits to: Men’s Health


5. Stretching and Flexibility

Over 40, muscles can tighten and become shorter due to lack of use so it’s important to include stretching in your exercise routine to reduce the chance of injury.

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6. Eye Exams

Over age 40, a man’s vision can begin to change so regular exams reduce the risk of serious vision issues.

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7. Blood Pressure

Keep an eye on your blood pressure to help you and your doctor identify potential disease risk factors.

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8. Eat More Fish

A healthy diet over age 40 should have increased amounts of fish which contain the most protein with the least number of calories.

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9. Eat More Tomatoes

Tomatoes are packed with lycopene which has been found to be a great prostate cancer fighter.

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10. Rest and Weight Loss


Getting the proper amount of rest over 40 helps regulate your body’s weight loss hormones.

Credits to: Fit Father Project