10 Uses for Lemons

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The tart, clean taste of lemons makes it a distinctive and versatile flavor for many dishes. And, it’s even considered essential for foods like fish, asparagus, artichokes and some alcoholic drinks. But, besides the variety of recipes lemons enhance, the lovely yellow fruit is useful in many other ways such as relieving sore throats, removing stains, and even warding off pesky ants. So, here’s some of the wondrous ways to use lemons in your home.


1. Sore Throat Remedy

Roast a lemon over a medium flame and when it cools, mix the juice with a teaspoon of honey for a great sore throat aid.

Credits to: Blackle Mag


2. Brighten Dull Fingernails

To whiten fingernails, rub a wedge of lemon on the surface of your nails.

Credits to: Blackle Mag


3. Freeze Ahead Drink Condiment

Add strips of lemon peel to an ice cube tray filled with water and freeze for use in cocktails and ice tea.

Credits to: Chicago Tribune


4. Dressing Substitute

Use fresh-squeezed lemon in place of vinegar with homemade salad dressings.

Credits to: Chicago Tribune


5. Squeaky Clean Garbage Disposal Trick

Put lemon rinds in the garbage disposal, turn it on and flush with water for a clean and fragrant sink.

Credits to: Babble


6. Hard Water Stain Fighter

Fill a spray bottle with lemon juice and apply on sinks and bathroom tiles to remove difficult, hard water stains.

Credits to: Babble


7. Toothache Relief

Rub lemon juice on gums around sore teeth for a quick and natural relief.

Credits to: Camden Living


8. Digestion Booster

Mix lemon juice, cold water, salt and soda for a great after-dinner digestion aid.

Credits to: Camden Living


9. Keeping Cauliflower White

Squeeze some lemon juice on cauliflower to help keep its cool, white color before heating.

Credits to: True Activist


10. Cutting Board Cleaner

To rid cutting boards of strong odors and bacteria, rub the surface with the cut side of a lemon.

Credits to: True Activist