11 Amazing Vietnamese Meals

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Fresh ingredients like herbs and vegetables and a minimal use of oil are some of the top characteristics of traditional Vietnamese cuisine. Common meats are fish, chicken, pork, beef, and various types of seafood. The Vietnamese also have a strong vegetarian tradition influenced by their Buddhist values.

Pho, a light, and comforting rice noodle soup, is one of the most popular foods in Vietnam. Hailing from the north, it’s traditionally eaten for breakfast. Another common Vietnamese food is banh mi. A product of French colonialism, banh mi is a sandwich featuring meats and pickled vegetables on a baguette made with rice flour. So, here’s a few of the great and flavorful Vietnamese recipes to get you introduced to the country’s cuisine.


1. Grilled Shrimp Summer Rolls with Chile Lime Dipping Sauce

Creamy avocado, sweet shrimp and yummy mango are tucked into rice paper with crunchy cucumber and cabbage.

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2. Vietnamese Style Pork Collar

Pork collar is marinated to add flavor and moistness to this grilled meat flavored with cilantro and scallions.

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3. Vietnamese Noodle Soup

Also known as pho, this delicious soup features rich broth, thin slices of sirloin beef, crunchy vegetables, and tender noodles.

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4. Vietnamese Pork Sandwiches

Tangy, pickled vegetables surround sweet and savory pork in this tasty sandwich recipe.

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5. Thit Bo Xao Dau

Served over rice, this flavorful beef and green bean stir fry is a quick and delicious Vietnamese classic.

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6. Vietnamese Golden Chicken Wings

Chicken is marinated in deep, Vietnamese spices then roasted to perfection in this yummy dish.

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7. Salt and Pepper Tiger Prawns

Shells stay on the shrimp while cooking in this great recipe featuring Asian shallots and chilies.

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8. Chicken Slow Braised in Green Peppercorns and Coconut Juice

A sweet and spicy dish featuring braised chicken flavored with coconut juice and the heat of green peppercorns.

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9. Vietnamese Fish with Dill and Vermicelli

Fresh herbs are ground into an aromatic marinade for the fish in this delicious noodle recipe.

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10. Banh Mi

These Vietnamese chicken rolls are filled with tender meat, cucumbers, carrots, and coriander.

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11. Vietnamese Grilled Pork Chops and Cold Rice Noodles

A light and flavorful dish featuring grilled pork chops over refreshing, cold rice noodles.

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