11 Uses for Quinoa

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The Incas called quinoa the “Mother of Grains” due to its versatility and health benefits. And, as far as being a viable food source, it is virtually a complete source of nutrition compared to food from plants and animals. For example, quinoa contains half the daily recommended dose of iron in a one cup portion.

Quinoa has grown in popularity in recent years so, here’s some of the great uses to familiarize yourself with this awesome superfood with the nutty flavor and chewy, fluffy texture.


1. Great Source of Fiber

Quinoa has 12 grams of fiber per serving so consuming two servings of quinoa a day would provide health expert’s recommended amount.

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2. Complete Protein Provider

Quinoa is considered a complete protein just like lean meats, dairy, fish and poultry.

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3. Smoothie Booster

Add quinoa to a smoothie and make it more of a complete meal due to the grain’s balanced nutrition.

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4. Oatmeal Substitute


Cook up a bowl of quinoa and top it with fruit, cinnamon and nuts just like oatmeal but with more health benefits.

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5. Breakfast Bowl

Mix a cup of cooked quinoa with things like grated cheese, broccoli and mushrooms and top with a cooked egg for a super healthy breakfast bowl.

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6. Pumped Up Pancakes

Add a good dose of protein and antioxidants to pancake mix by adding a cup of cooked quinoa before cooking.

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7. Enriching Cookies

Add cooked quinoa to cookie batter and feel confident knowing your making a healthy treat for your family.

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8. Meatball Binder

Add nutrition and texture to a batch of delicious turkey meatballs by using quinoa instead of bread crumbs as a binder prior to cooking.

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9. Livestock Feed

Harvest residue of the quinoa plant is used to feed sheep, cattle, pigs, poultry and horses.

Credits to: FAO.org


10. Medicinal Uses

Quinoa stems, grains and leaves have medicinal purposes like soothing pain and healing wounds.

Credits to: FAO.org


11. Magnesium and Migraines

Quinoa contains a healthy dose of magnesium which helps treat migraine headaches by relaxing blood vessels.

Credits to: Mind Body Green