14 Camping Food Hacks

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Camping is a wondrous outdoor activity and a great chance to experience nature up close and personal. Gathering wood for the campfire, pitching tents, and rolling out sleeping bags are fun for kids and adults alike. But the one thing that can be a real chore when camping is preparing food without all the modern conveniences. So, to help, here’s a nifty list of some clever camping food hacks to make camp cooking a joy. And, aluminum foil and orange peels may just become your new best friends.


1. Store spices in Tic Tac containers or pill organizers and free up space in your grocery gear.


2. If you happen to forget a can opener, simply rub the can against a smooth rock and it will pop open.


3. For easy cinnamon roll-ups, wrap crescent dough with cinnamon sugar around a skew and cook on foil over a fire.


4. Cut an orange in half and eat the center, leaving the core-like stem. Fill the orange with any kitchen oil just below the top of the stem. Light the stem that will smell amazing and burn for hours.


5. Pack ground coffee in filters tied with dental floss. Just throw the bag into some boiling water and make a great cup of coffee at the campsite.


6. Bake campfire muffins by using hollowed-out orange peel halves.


7. Making S’mores is a camping tradition but they can also be messy. A better way is to make them in ice cream cones.


8. For a quick and nutritious snack, carve out an apple, fill it up with trail mix, and bake on the camp fire.


9. Prepare the best cheesy fries ever by wrapping French fries, bacon, cheese, and scallions in aluminum foil and baking for 30 minutes over a fire.


10. Washing dishes while camping is no fun so create tacos right in a corn chip bag.


11. Bake a bubbly apple pie by lining a can with pre-made dough, apples and sugar for fire-baked individual apple pies.


12. Bring along a small Dutch oven and make pizza with dough and your favorite toppings baked right on a grate over the fire.


13. Crescent roll dough doubles as a camp-side hot dog bun hit.


14. Make campfire potatoes by placing sliced potatoes, onions and seasoning in a tight foil package and cooking for 45 minutes.