15 Food Hacks for Kids

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Creativity can be one of the most crucial mother’s helpers, especially where feeding kids is concerned. From popsicle tricks to adding healthy ingredients like vegetables to spaghetti sauce, there’s a lot of ways to make mealtime a successful and pleasant time for everyone. So, try some of these great food hacks for feeding children easier.


1. No More Brown Apple Slices

Pre-cut an apple and secure slices to the core with a rubber band to ward of browning.

Credits to: Pop Sugar


2. On-The-Go Ice Cream Sandwiches

Make and take ice cream sandwiches are a snap with two cookies and a slice of ice cream container wedges to keep the dessert secure for traveling.

Credits to: Pop Sugar


3. Pizza Cutter Helper

Use a pizza slicer and cut pieces of food like pancakes into perfect sizes for small mouths.

Credits to: Buzz Feed


4. Yogurt Pops

Poke a popsicle stick right through the top of a yogurt cup and freeze for a healthy, fun snack.

Credits to: Buzz Feed


5. Kids Love Dips

To hold kids over until dinner, set out a plate of veggies with dips.

Credits to: Today Parenting Team


6. Healthy Twist on Pizza

Add pureed spinach or blended veggies to pizza and impart a healthy boost to one of kids favorite foods.

Credits to: Today Parenting Team


7. Fruit Trick

If you want your kids to have more fruit in their diet, dip dried fruits in a bit of chocolate and watch them enjoy.

Credits to: Huffington Post


8. String Up a Healthy Snack

Use cheerios and string together a tasty necklace for snack-time fun.

Credits to: Huffington Post


9. Drip-Free Pops

Fill popsicle molds with Jell-o instead of juice for a wiggly, giggly treat that’s drip-free.

Credits to: Kids Activities Blog


10. Water Bottle Trick

Employ a plastic water bottle for making a quick sippy cup by punching a hole in the top of the bottle lid and inserting a straw.

Credits to: Kids Activities Blog


11. Better Mac and Cheese

Ladle bites of steamed broccoli into mac and cheese for added color, taste, and nutrition.

Credits to: Positive Parenting Solutions


12. Jazzed-Up Spaghetti Sauce

Add diced veggies like zucchini, red and green peppers, mushrooms and onions to your regular spaghetti sauce for more vitamins and fiber.

Credits to: Positive Parenting Solutions


13. Make-Ahead Snack Packs

Put together a designated snack pack to place in the fridge where kids can access just what you want them to have between meals.

Credits to: Babble


14. Quick and Easy Mini Kids Nachos

Add a scoop of refried beans to tortilla chips then top with cheddar cheese and bake in the broiler for two minutes. Use Greek yogurt as a dip.

Credits to: A Healthy Slice of Life


15. On the Ready Meal Prep

Keep boiled eggs and cut up vegetables on hand to prepare a quick and healthy kids meal.

Credits to: A Healthy Slice of Life