17 Uses for Avocadoes

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Did you know that avocados are a fruit? And what a very useful fruit it is. Loaded with good fats and nutrients the avocado is one of the most versatile and beneficial fruits. In addition to adding flavor to everything from beverages to pizza, avocados can also be used in face masks and shaving cream. Let’s check out some of the many uses for avocados.


1. Avocado Foot Scrub

Split the avocado, dry the pit and grind into a powder, and mix for an exfoliating foot scrub.


2. Avocado Face Mask

Rich in fatty acids this face mask is perfect to moisturize your skin.

(Photo credits: rosannadavisonnutrition.com)


3. Shaving Cream

Create a smooth and fluffy shaving cream that moisturizes the skin.

(Photo credits: thecloseshave.com)


4. Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Avocado mixed with an egg and coconut oil will help to keep your hair moisturized.

(Photo credits: azspagirls.com)


5. Anti Wrinkle Eye Treatment

The moisturizing components of the avocado will help to reduce puffiness and reduce wrinkles


6. Soap

Lather up with soap made from avocado puree and essential oils.

(Photo credits: modernsoapmaking.com)


7. Makeup Remover

Swipe some avocado oil to remove stubborn makeup and moisturize your skin at the same time.

(Photo credits: fabulesslyfrugal.com)


8. Fabric Dye

Boil your clothes with both the pits and the skin and create a light pink dye.

(Photo credits: have-company.com)


9. Body Mask

Mash avocados with honey to create a paste that when placed on any part of the skin will drench it with moisture.

(Photo credits: purewow.com)


10. Alternative Creamy Salad Dressing

Add avocado as a substitute for dairy in any creamy dressing.


11. Ink

Create ink from grinding the pit extra fine and adding liquid

(Photo credits: theserialdoodler.wordpress.com)


12. Avocado Juice

Drinking avocado juice will help to soothe the stomach and clean your intestines.

(Photo credits: foods4betterhealth.com)


13. Frizzy Hair Treatment

The soothing oils in avocado will help to make your hair smooth and shiny.

(Photo credits: beliveinhealth.wordpress.com)


14. Cures Bad Breath

Create a juice out of the avocado and drink daily to prevent bad breath from the inside out.

(Photo credits: sacramentodentistry.com)


15. Sunscreen

Thanks to the high concentration of antioxidants avocado oil can be used as a sunscreen to prevent absorption of UVA and UVB rays.

(Photo credits: findhomeremedy.com)


16. Strong Nails

Use avocado oil around your cuticles and on the nails and watch them grow.

(Photo credits: lovebrownsugar.com)


17. Helps Stop The Development of Some Cancers

The olic acid in avocados has been shown to stop the development of breast cancer cells.

(Photo credits: livelovefruit.com)