20 Awesome Baking Tips

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Creating tasty baked goods is both an art and a science. Actually, it is more of a science but we will let the pastry chefs fight that one out. However, because baking is a science, there are some tips that we have gathered for you to make the baking process easier and more foolproof. Explore these 20 awesome baking tips and watch your baked goods shine.


1. Measuring Matters

Make sure to measure your ingredients carefully and, if possible weigh them using a metric scale


2. Bake With Unsalted Butter

When you are baking it is important to use unsalted butter. Most baking recipes require it
so you don’t overdo the salt.


3. Parchment Paper For The Win

Always use parchment paper when baking, it helps to keep batter from spreading, reduce
stickiness, and dough to bake evenly.


4. Non Stick Spray

Use non stick spray when baking. Make sure you spray it everywhere so you don’t have
any pieces sticking to the pan.


5. Keep Cookies Moist

To keep freshly baked cookies moist store them with an apple slice in a airtight container.


6. Jello Food Dye

Have a fresh batch of cookies that need to be iced but you forgot to pick up the food
coloring? Try using flavored Jell-O in a pinch.

Photo Credit: canadianhometrends.com


7. Storing Brown Sugar

Keep a slice of bread in with your brown sugar so you can have brown sugar soft and
ready to go any time.

Photo Credit: thisweekfordinner.com


8. Wine Bottle Rolling Pin

Use a wine bottle as a rolling pin in a pinch.


9. Aluminum Foil Adjustments

Don’t have the right size baking pan? Use some aluminum foil to create a new edge on a
baking sheet for exactly the right size.

Photo Credit: food52.com


10. Banana Ripening

Dying to make some banana bread but your bananas are just a bit too green? Place
bananas in a 300 degree oven for forty minutes and poof, ripe bananas.


11. Super Moist Cake

In order to keep your cake super moist until it is frosted, place a slice of bread on top while

Photo Credit: diply.com


12. Cupcakes Catchers

Can’t find your muffin tin but need to bake cupcakes for your child’s birthday party? A
mason jar lid underneath the cupcake liner will keep the cupcake stable while cooking.

Photo Credit: food-hacks.wonderhowto.com


13. Scrape Your Bowl

Although this may sound pretty obvious sometime we feel like letting the mixer do all the
work. Always make sure to scrape the sides of the bowl to incorporate ingredients fully.


14. Rotate Baking Pans

Be sure to rotate baking pans during the cooking process to insure thorough, even

Photo Credit: thedoubletroublekitchen.com


15. Room Temperature

Unless otherwise stated, eggs and butter should be at room temperature before starting
the baking process.


16. Easy Does It

Contrary to popular belief it is not the best idea to take out your frustrations on any type of
dough that you are kneading. Being gentle provides you with flaky pie crusts and perfect bread.


17. Flour Your Surfaces

When you are working with doughs be sure to lightly flour the area to prevent sticking.
Don’t go too wild or your dough will end up tough.


18. Don’t Forget The Egg Wash

If you want to make sure your pasties and crusts are perfectly brown and shiny don’t forget
to cover them in egg wash for great results.


19. Keep Your Oven Door Closed

We are all a little curious when it comes to baking in the oven but you need to remember
to keep the oven door shut until the minimum baking time has passed. If you open it too
soon you will upset the heat level and mess with the baking time.


20. Used Cooled Baking Sheets

When using baking sheets remember to always use them when they are cool. Using a
warm baking sheet will bake the cookies to fast.