7 Benefits of Eating Organic

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Organic has become the new buzzword in the world of farming and cuisine. Many organic foods come directly from the garden to your local supermarket, in the case of organic meat, the animals are fed organic feed and not given and antibiotics or hormones. In addition to eating fresh foods that have no preservatives organic food provides additional benefits that are good for both your family and the environment. Here is some additional information about the benefits of eating organic.


1. Organic Food is GMO Free

GMO foods are genetically modified to produce hybrids that are resistant to pesticides and drought. These foods are not naturally created in nature and effects are not fully known.

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2. Antioxidant Availability

Antioxidants are nature’s way of helping to block the harmful toxins that our bodies are bombarded with on a regular basis. Organic fruits, vegetables and meat allow those natural antioxidants to come through without having to fight against modified nutrients.

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3. Organic Farming

In order to have organic fruits and vegetables there must first be an organic farm. Organic farming promotes soil and water conservation as well as waste.

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4. Dairy and Meat Have Lower Fat Content

Organic meat and dairy has been found to have a higher concentration of Omega 3 fats and lower saturated fat. The meat these animals produce is also leaner and easier to digest.

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5. Food is Actually Less Expensive

Believe it or not organic food can be less expensive than its grocery store counterparts. Try stopping by your local farmer’s market and taste the difference.

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6. Safer for Babies and Children

According to several studies today’s children are born with more than 200 carcinogens already in their blood. Feeding children an organic diet can help to reduce those toxins and create healthier children.

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7. Improved Heart Condition

Animals grazing on exclusively organic food produce meat that has been proven to help in cardiovascular protection.

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