7 College Midnight Snacks

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Whether you are taking a break from late night studying or just coming in from and evening out, sometimes it is just time for a snack. Many of these recipes can be made from supplies that you can find in any college student’s dorm room or, if they are planning ahead, a quick trip to the grocery store. From crackers and dip to popcorn and sandwiches, we have your midnight snack cravings covered. Check out these great recipes we have found across the web.


1. Hot Crackers

Grab a box of saltine crackers, a few spices and you can whip up this tasty and highly addictive snack.

Spotted at: Super College Chef


2. Creamy Peanut Butter Dip

A yummy dip that is easily made ahead and kept in the fridge for midnight snack cravings.

Spotted at: The Two Bite Club


3. The 20 Minute Granola Bar

Just a 20 minutes of easy prep and this sweet and crunchy treat is sure to satisfy.

Spotted at: Oprah


4. Chili Cheese Toast

What self respecting college student doesn’t love toast? This spicy twist will keep your taste buds hopping.

Spotted at: Veg Recipes of India


5. White Bean Dip

A quick snack that is good for you as well

Spotted at: Food 52


6. Waffle BLT

A yummy late night sandwich that won’t keep you up late.

Spotted at: Food Network


7. Party Popcorn

A savory snack that you can make with microwave popcorn.

Spotted at: Food 52