7 Uses for Aloe Vera

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Called “the plant of immortality” in ancient Egypt, the amazing aloe vera plant has stood the test of time to become one of the most versatile plants known to man. It’s notorious as the go-to ointment for burns, scrapes and cuts but it’s also a wondrous nutritional supplement.

Native to regions of Africa and the Middle East, the origins of the herbal remedy date back thousands of years. And, in the 18th and 19th centuries, it was the most prescribed remedy by Western physicians.

Aloe vera’s gel holds the remarkable ingredients which are responsible for healing. It’s known to be an excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent and more. So, here’s just some of the ways for using aloe vera in your home.


1. External First Aid Treatment

Slice the leaves of the aloe vera plant open and lay them on cuts, scrapes or burns that need treated.

Credits to: Natural News


2. Shave Gel Substitute

Mix aloe vera gel with eucalyptus oil to help heal tiny cuts caused by shaving.

Credits to: Natural News


3. Psoriasis and Dermatitis Reliever

Aloe vera provides relief from the burning and itching associated with these types of skin disorders.

Credits to: Dr. Axe


4. Cold Sore Treatment

When applied several times a day, aloe vera soothes the discomfort of cold sores and speeds healing.

Credits to: Dr. Axe


5. Face Wash

Make an antibacterial face wash by mixing 1 tbs. aloe vera gel with 1 tsp. almond milk and 1 tsp. lemon juice and allow to sit on the skin before rinsing. It helps treat sensitive skin, acne and rosacea.

Credits to: Prevention


6. Bad Breath Fighter

Dissolve ½ cup of water or apple juice into ¼ cup aloe vera gel for a quick bad breath cure.

Credits to: Prevention


7. Lowering Blood Pressure

Reports show that ingesting two tablespoons of aloe vera juice a day can reduce blood sugar levels in those with Type 2 diabetes.

Credits to: Healthline