A Day of Fun

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The weather was warm for an autumn day so the family decided to go out for some fun. We grabbed the kids’ scooters and headed out to a local park that also had a bike track. Once we arrived, the girls wasted no time in putting their helmets on. Once ready both girls tried to break the speed barrier while attempting to avoid crashing into people and objects.

After tearing up the pavement for an hour, the girls decided it was time to get their faces painted. Ayla wanted to have a rainbow face and Willow decided she’d get her face painted next time. Ayla thought face painting was the greatest invention since riding scooters!

Just as we were about to leave, the girls discovered a small play area next to the face painting place, so naturally, they had to increase their fun level. They went down a slide together and played until the park starting calling them to come back and play there.

After a short 45 minutes play we went back to the park so the girls could go on the slides, and anything else that was fun – and they did just that. For hours, and hours!

Once it was finally time to go we packed up and the girls asked, “Where are we going now?”. My reply was, “Home, to have dinner and then get ready for bed”. It had been a big day. Well, a big day for anyone over the age of 40. For those under five it was just a warm up.