Avocado and Corn Salad Recipe (Video)

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Creamy, dreamy avocados are complimented by the tender texture of fresh corn in this Avocado and Corn Salad Recipe that is both colorful and delicious. Two large avocados are added to a bowl with a drained can of tasty sweet corn. Shallots are stirred in for perfect seasoning along with bright coriander for a depth of flavor. Fresh, squeezed lemon juice is all the dressing this yummy salad needs. Just toss and serve with a warm sandwich, a cheesy pasta dish or as a hot and sizzling side to any barbecued meat.



– 2 Large avocados (cut into small pieces)
– 1 Large can of drained corn kernals
– 3 Shallots
– Handful of fresh coriander (chop it up into pieces)
– 2 Tablespoons of fresh lemon juice



1. Get a large mixing bowl and put in the avocado, corn kernals, shallots, coriander, and lemon juice.
2. Mix it together and serve.