Best Food to Eat Before Bed

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When it’s bedtime and you get a grumble in your belly, it’s good to know which snacks are best for your body. The key is learning which foods to eat and discovering some that even increase weight loss.

A good rule of thumb is to avoid carbohydrates before bedtime which speed digestion and choose instead, slow-digesting good protein snacks. Carb consumption makes the storage hormone insulin rise which in turn halts fat burning, but, slow-digesting protein gives your body a calm flow of amino acids as you sleep which helps cells recover and maintains lean muscle. So, here’s some of the best foods to choose before bedtime to keep you feeling you’re best.


1. White Meat Protein

White meat sources like chicken and turkey are optimum since they slow digestion and feature slow insulin release.

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2. Plain Cottage Cheese

Plain cottage cheese is a protein which stimulates glucagon release and digests nice and slow.

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3. Rice

According to research, foods like rice, which have a high glycemic index improve melatonin and tryptophan production.

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4. Ham and Cheese Roll-Up

This combination works before bed due to the high concentration of tryptophan in ham and protein-rich cheese.

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5. Cherries

This delicious, juicy fruit is packed with a high concentration of sleep-enhancing melatonin.

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6. Milk

Still the best bedtime snack due to its tryptophan levels which activate serotonin, milk makes for a sleepy brain.

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7. Bananas

A great source of potassium and magnesium, bananas aid muscle relaxation and help your body get into sleep mode.

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