Bring New Life to Wooden Spoons

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Wooden spoons are a durable staple in the kitchen. And, it’s important to care for them properly to make them last longer. So, when it’s time to rejuvenate your old wooden spoons to return them to their natural luster, there’s a variety of great ways to accomplish the task.

Wood is very resilient and can last a lifetime if properly maintained, gaining both familiarity and
character as it ages. Extended use and washing can cause wooden spoons to expand and contract and, they are constantly in contact with the food we eat. So, here’s some tips and hacks for bringing new life to your wooden spoons and general care for keeping them looking their best.


1. Baking Soda

Keep your wooden spoons clean and fresh by cleaning them with baking soda and water.

Credits to: Readers Digest


2. Seasoning

Season wooden spoons by oiling them such is commonly done with cutting boards to ward off odorous bacteria.

Credits to: Readers Digest


3. Linseed and Walnut Oil

Polish your wooden spoons with walnut or linseed oil to provide a safe, natural finish.

Credits to: Food 52


4. Oils to Avoid

Don’t use corn oil or olive oil to preserve wooden spoons as it can become rancid over time.

Credits to: Food 52


5. Boiling and Sun

Make your wooden spoons look like new by boiling them in water and sun drying them.

Credits to: Cook with Falguni


6. Remove Roughness

Remove the rough spot on your wooden spoons by using sandpaper and wiping them with coconut oil.

Credits to: Break and Remake


7. Coconut Oil and Lemon Essential Oil

Treat your wooden spoons with coconut oil for revitalizing and apply lemon oil to keep them odor free.

Credits to: Blog.Aromatools


8. Butcher Block Wax

Purchase professional grade butcher block wax to keep your wooden spoons looking their best and lasting longer.

Credits to: The Furniture Connoisseur