Frangelico Zesty Cocktail (Video)

The endless possibilities of the liqueur Frangelico are star of this tantalizing taste sensation offering nutty tones of hazelnut, the zip of fresh squeezed lime juice and the refreshingly sweet zing of lemonade. Swirled together over ice, it’s the perfect sunset cocktail. Known for its pale gold color, Frangelico is made from Tonda Gentile hazelnuts […]

Jamaican Sunday Cocktail Recipe (Video)

Jamaican Sunday, Jamaican Monday, Jamaican Tuesday…it doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, the mere mention of anything “Jamaican” can instantly conjure up images of beautiful beaches and the warm sounds of reggae music. Just give this cocktail one sip and you’ll understand why it’s becoming so popular: the sweet-spicy-tangy blend of honey, […]

Chimayo Cocktail Recipe (Video)

Surprise your summer party guests with this refreshing twist on this apple-based alcoholic beverage. This chimayo cocktail is a popular and refreshing southwestern classic originally created in Chimayo, New Mexico, this is one of the few tequila-based mixed drinks that blends the unique sour-tart flavor of tequila with apple cider to create a clean and […]

How to Make a Flaming Lamborghini (Video)

What the bleep is a Flaming Lamborghini, you ask? Well here’s a fun way to surprise your guests who are into flashy cars and wild rides. Here’s a dark and flashy concoction that is sure to impress the fast and furious of your friends. Think about fast cars and dark nights, then add a little […]

Fields of Hearts Cocktail (Video)

You may not usually stock these liqueurs at home but after you mix this tasty drink for you and your guests, you’ll start keeping them in stock! When word gets out about your mixology skills, you might think about starting to charge an entrance fee and hiring a bouncer because people will be lining up […]

Cobra’s Venom Cocktail (Video)

  Show off your mixology skills and your drinking skills with this potent cocktail. Though orange juice and the blue curacao take off most of the edge, the drink still provides plenty of kick from the gin, brandy, and vodka. Anyone who likes to entertain guests in their home should have a go-to cocktail or, […]

How to Make a Bullfrog Cocktail (Video)

After you have been cooking all of these super simple yet wonderfully tasty recipes all day, you’re going to want to treat yourself afterwards. This Bullfrog Cocktail is just the thing you need! It’s the perfectly refreshing and cold adult beverage with whichever vodka you prefer, triple sec, and lemonade or lemon juice. If that […]

Cape Codder Cocktail

If you need a simple drink that looks fancy without the hard work, try the Cape Codder Cocktail. It only has 2 ingredients but tastes like the best bartender in the world whipped it up. If you take your libations seriously, this is a seriously delicious cocktail. Because it’s so simple to make, it’s great […]

Emerald Island Cocktail

You technically don’t have to be stranded on a deserted island to enjoy this cocktail but it doesn’t hurt. The color will remind you of deep oceans while the smell will transport you to a hammock between two palm trees swaying in the island breeze. You don’t need to be a specially trained bartender either. […]

How to Make a Jupiter Sunset Cocktail (Video)

There are some combinations in drinks that are hard to beat and the Jupiter Sunset Cocktail is a drink that features one of the best sweet combinations out there. Blue curacao is very similar to an orange liqueur, flavored with a fruit grown on the island of Curacao. Midori is a fun musk-melon flavored liqueur […]