Vampire Cocktail (Video)

  This enticing and chilly Vampire Cocktail is a fun and eerie creation you can make with a couple spoonfuls of creamy, dreamy vanilla ice cream and rich, delicious triple sec combined with luscious, smooth white crème de cacao. Blend all the yummy ingredients together and pour it into a beautiful martini glass for an […]

How to Make A Mocha Frappuccino (Video)

The take-out treat with the fancy whipped topping and chocolatey, coffee taste has become one of the most sought-after flavors of iced coffee drinks there is. And it’s just as good, if not better, when made at home. And, now you can enjoy a creamy Mocha Frappuccino any time you want one. The drink starts […]

Moscow Mule Cocktail (Video)

Crushed ice is the key to creating the perfect Moscow Mule Cocktail at home. And, the fizzy, sweet kick if ginger ale gives the drink a refreshing finish. Garnish with a lemon wedge and enjoy the libation created more than 50 years ago and first served in copper cups. The original Moscow Mules were served […]

Cotton Candy Frappuccino Recipe (Video)

Summer fun is spun in a cup with this delightful blended Cotton Candy Frappuccino Recipe that’s so much better than the pricey whipped drinks at popular shops. Now, you can make this decadent treat with the aid of your blender and luscious ingredients like silky milk, real raspberry jam, smooth vanilla ice cream and the […]

Kiwi Watermelon Smoothie (Video)

The fresh, vibrant tastes of summer come to life in this Kiwi Watermelon Smoothie. Packed with delicious chunks of juicy watermelon, tart and tangy kiwi fruit and one tender, delicious date, this smoothie is blended into chilly perfection with ice. Dates have many nutrients and help metabolize carbohydrates, protein and fats in the body. And, […]

Rocky Road Chocolate Smoothie (Video)

If rocky road candy bars and ice cream are the flavors you’re always craving, you can now blend up a quick and creamy twist on the original with this luscious Rocky Road Chocolate Smoothie. Made from the ingredient that made the flavor great, like milk, chocolate ice cream, salty and savory mixed chopped nuts, and […]

Yummy Dessert Smoothies

  Smoothies made their debut into contemporary society sometime around the late 1960’s when they were sold by ice cream vendors and introduced in health food stores. These were mostly made from fruit, ice, and fruit juice. Later, in the 1970’s, milk and ice cream were added and now, the list of smoothie ingredients is […]

Brazen Hussy Cocktail (Video)

For those warm and sultry summer evenings when you’re feeling like creating something a little wild and wonderful for your special someone shake these tantalizing spirits together and let the fun begin. The dreamy chill of a cocktail mixer when filled with ice followed by the splash of alluring vodka, the thrill of sweet Cointreau […]

Raspberry Lift Smoothie (Video)

There’s a reason this delicious smoothie is called a Raspberry Lift since the boost from the array of health benefits and tasty goodness blend together for a treat you can make for anything from a breakfast-on-the-go to a perfect pairing with a mid-day brunch. The calorie-conscious addition of low-fat milk, the creamy goodness of low […]

Frangelico Zesty Cocktail (Video)

The endless possibilities of the liqueur Frangelico are star of this tantalizing taste sensation offering nutty tones of hazelnut, the zip of fresh squeezed lime juice and the refreshingly sweet zing of lemonade. Swirled together over ice, it’s the perfect sunset cocktail. Known for its pale gold color, Frangelico is made from Tonda Gentile hazelnuts […]