White Chocolate Truffles Recipe (Video)

  There’s nothing quite as fun as making delicious, homemade candies full of fresh ingredients in the shapes and sizes you want. These tasty, petite, White Chocolate Truffles look just like the local candy store variety with an amazing flavor and fudge-like texture. Full of yummy things like white chocolate, thickened, rich cream, and coconut […]

How to Make Marshmallow Apricot Balls (Video)

These tasty rounds are a quick and easy dessert kids will love to pop right in their mouth. And, it’s a great treat to serve at a kid’s party of sleepover. Sweet cookies, dried apricots and gooey, mini marshmallows get a gentle blending in a food processor with crunchy peanuts, decadent, white chocolate and tender, […]

How To Make Dark Chocolate (Video)

With the help of a double boiler, you can make creamy, dreamy dark chocolate at home any time the sweet tooth hits. Water and cocoa butter are slowly melted together before luscious vanilla and sweet honey are added to the mix. Rich, powdered Dutch cocoa adds the depth of flavor. Pour the mix into your […]

How To Make A Monkey Cake (Video)

  Make this moist and delicious dessert with the delightful name for a children’s birthday or fun finish to a weekend barbecue party. Monkey Cake starts with a fresh-baked, round cake that is cooled in preparation for frosting. Liven-up white frosting with savory peanut butter to create the shape of the monkey’s face. Use jaffas […]

Caramel Filled Donut Jaffle (Video)

Whisk up this delicious, buttery, caramel treat for a special breakfast or tasty brunch item. Flour, sugar, egg, milk, vanilla, and vegetable oil whisk together for the donut texture of the jaffles. Next, the thick, rich batter is poured across a hot jaffle iron to bubble and bake into moist triangles of tender goodness. Sprinkle […]

Sticky Date Pudding With Caramel Sauce Recipe (Video)

Dreamy dates are cooked to perfection and provide the tender texture for this moist and sticky Date Pudding with Caramel Sauce. The indulgent dessert gets its rich flavor from fresh butter and luscious brown sugar. Finished with a warm and creamy caramel sauce which soaks down into the cake, it’s richness at its best and […]

Raw Caramel Slice Recipe (Video)

Making a decadent dessert doesn’t have to take hours with the help of this Raw Caramel Slice Recipe. By simply pulsing chewy dates, crunchy almonds, and creamy coconut oil in a food processor, the rich base of the dessert is brimming with tantalizing texture. Next, spread the mixture across the bottom of a baking pan […]

3 Ingredient Coconut Ice Cream Popsicle (Video)

For busy moms on the go, these 3 Ingredient Coconut Ice Cream Popsicles are an easy treat made from smooth, rich coconut milk, silky honey and the light textural element of shredded, fresh coconut. And, they’re a healthy snack you can feel good about making. Pour the luscious mixture into freezer pop forms and watch […]

Salmon Mousse Volauvents Recipe (Video)

Shredded smoked salmon and rich, creamy ricotta cheese are whipped together to create the savory filling in these Salmon Mousse Voulauvents. A perfect appetizer to introduce any meal, these tiny stuffed pastry cups enhance the tender texture of salmon mousse which tastes like indulgence in every bite. The ultra-light and airy puff pastry case was […]

Perfect Coconut Panna Cotta (Video)

Coconut milk, thickened cream and sugar are simmered to a bubbly goodness to create the Perfect Coconut Panna Cotta. A teaspoon of gelatin thickens the mixture which chills to set for a creamy, custard-like dessert. Slide the luscious panna cottas onto a plate and garnish with sweet raspberry syrup. Panna Cotta’s originated in Italy where […]