Coffee Walnut Mug Cake (Video)

  If you enjoy the great flavor of a walnut muffin with your coffee in the morning, now you can have both great tastes with this moist and tasty Coffee Walnut Mug Cake. This quick and easy cake which is prepared right in a nice, sturdy mug starts with fluffy flour, melted butter, and milk. […]

Maple syrup Mini Cheesecake (Video)

The creamy goodness of cheesecake gets a lively boost from the elegant taste of maple to celebrate the changing of the seasons in these Maple Syrup Mini Cheesecakes. Made by folding creamy, rich cream cheese with sweet maple syrup, sugar, and luscious thickened cream which is whipped together with a hand mixer, the petit desserts […]

How to Make Mississippi Mud Brownies (Video)

  A delicious chocolate delight, these Mississippi Muds Brownies start with fluffy flour, a nice helping of cocoa powder and both regular sugar and brown sugar to set the stage for the yummy mix. Rich, melted butter is swirled into the batter along with fresh, fluffy eggs and luscious vanilla extract. Tender, diced almonds give […]

How to Make Drinkable Blood (Video)

  It may sound strange to make a drink resembling blood but remember, Halloween is just around the corner and the kid’s will delight at the addition of this tasty creation to their ghoulish party menu. This yummy concoction gets its authentic look from mixing cold water, corn syrup and either chocolate or strawberry topping, […]

3-Ingredient Chocolate Cornflake Clusters (Video)

  The crispy crunch of cornflakes get a delicious boost from sweet, luscious chocolate in these 3-Ingredient Chocolate Cornflake Clusters which are perfect for a kid’s party or after school snack. In a microwave-safe bowl melt salty, fresh butter and heavenly chocolate pieces and heat till smooth and silky. Fold in the cornflakes and spoon […]

Bacon and Eggs Breakfast Pizza Recipe (Video)

  Kids love pizza and here’s your chance to make them something healthy and full of protein for breakfast with this delicious Bacon and Eggs Breakfast Pizza recipe. Using ingredients most kitchens have available, heat a frying pan, and cook a few pieces of bacon till crispy. Remove and place on paper towels to drain. […]

How to Make Chocolate Yogo (Video)

  Dark, rich cocoa adds the depth of flavor and richness to this light and creamy homemade Chocolate Yogo recipe. The cocoa is sifted with some silky corn starch and tasty sugar which is added to milk then heated and put in the fridge to set. It’s a delicious dessert that takes only a few […]

Super Food Salad Recipe (Video)

When you want to make a seriously healthy but great tasting salad this Super Food Salad recipe delivers on both counts. Simple, quick, and easy, this nutrient-packed salad starts with fresh, green, baby spinach tossed with wild rocket greens and kale. Add color with a juicy, ripe tomato chopped into bite-sized pieces and zesty flavor […]

Tim Tam Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe (Video)

  Crunchy crumbles of delicious double chocolate Tim Tam biscuit cookies mixed with melted butter come together for the crust of this irresistible Tim Tam Raspberry Cheesecake recipe. Once the crust is pressed into the bottom of the pan, the luscious filling is made with thick, rich cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla extract whipped with […]

How to Make Candy Beer Bacon (Video)

  Most everyone loves bacon with its oh so savory taste and irresistible, crunchy texture. So, when you’re looking for something creative and delicious to do with bacon, try this Candy Beer Bacon recipe and you’ll have a great snack or tempting appetizer to serve at home. Prepare the sweet and rich coating with some […]