4- Ingredient Chili Lamb Rissoles (Video)

Rissoles are commonly known as petit croquettes which are rolled in breadcrumbs or wrapped in a tidy envelope of pastry. They can be either deep-fried or baked and, depending which region of the world, filled with a variety of minced meats and spices. And, now you can make the delicious meat dish at home with […]

How to Make Kladdkaka (Video)

Two fresh and fluffy eggs are the first ingredients you need to make delightful Kladdkaka at home. A nice measure of sugar is added to fresh eggs before they’re whipped to perfection and dry ingredients like flour are added at intervals for perfect blending. Melted butter, vanilla extract and unsweetened cocoa add the deep, rich […]

How to Make Carrot Cake Cookies (Video)

  Carrot cake is known for its ultra-moist texture and aromatic spice blend featuring flavors like vanilla, ginger, and cinnamon. And, now you can create the same, rich flavor with this Carrot Cake Cookie recipe for an easy-to-eat treat the whole family will love. Made with yummy ingredients like melted butter, fresh egg, both regular […]

Rainbow Ice Cream Bread (Video)

When you’re looking for a unique and creative dessert to make for a special occasion which is both beautiful to look at and yummy to eat, this Rainbow Ice Cream Bread will deliver on both counts. The amazingly, easy recipe begins with a layer of ice cream made by combining it with self-rising flour and […]

How to Make Meatball Poppers (Video)

  Having savory and simple appetizers available during the holidays makes all the festivities even more enjoyable. And, these delicious Meatball Poppers are a great addition to any party or family gathering. This easy recipe starts with fresh ground beef and a fluffy egg. Zesty, chopped, red onions are added next to provide rich taste […]

Cookies and Cream Mug Cake Recipe (Video)

Vanilla and chocolate are two of the most popular dessert flavors, made famous by the popular Oreo cookie and now the flavor combination is featured in delicious recipes like this Cookies and Cream Mug Cake recipe. The speedy cake batter is made with a small helping of flour, sugar, milk, oil, and egg. Crushed Oreo’s […]

Eggnog Cupcake Recipe (Video)

When you’re looking for a delicious cupcake recipe that’s both festive and decadent, try these luscious Eggnog Cupcakes and impress all your holiday guests. Made with real, creamy eggnog, these cupcakes embrace the aromatic spices and distinct flavor of the silky drink everyone loves at Christmastime. The rich batter is prepared with just two simple […]

Christmas Strawberry Santa’s (Video)

The holidays are upon us and part of the joy of the season is in making delicious treats to delight our families and friends. And, these Christmas Strawberry Santa’s are sure to be the hit of any holiday gathering since they’re as tasty as they are festive. Simply slice the tops and pointed bottoms off […]

Strawberries and Cream Mug Cake Recipe (Video)

If you want to make a simple and tasty treat without using a lot of pots and pans, try this quick and easy Strawberries and Cream Mug Cake made in a sturdy coffee mug from your pantry. Simply add flour, sugar, and baking powder and mix well. Add a fresh, fluffy egg and a heaping […]

Honey Jumble Button Cookies (Video)

The unmistakable, rich taste of honey complimented by salty, smooth butter is the star of these delightful, Honey Jumble Button Cookies. Simply created by melting butter, honey, and the caramel goodness of brown sugar which is set to cool before adding the dry ingredients including plain, fluffy flour, baking soda and the aromatic seasoning of […]