How to De-Crust a Microwave

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When the microwave hit the kitchen appliance scene many years ago, it revolutionized the way people heated food and helped busy families prepare meals and snacks much faster than they had been with the stove or oven. But, with all great kitchen inventions, comes learning how to clean them properly and thoroughly. So, here’s some great tips for de-crusting that microwave which is long overdue for a deep-cleaning treatment.


1. Vinegar

Add vinegar to a couple cups of water with a wooden toothpick floating in the water and microwave for five minutes to loosen hardened food in the microwave for easy cleaning.

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2. Paper Towels

Place a handful of wet paper towels in the microwave and heat for five minutes. The built-up steam will help loosen crusted-on food and the warm paper towels make for easy clean-up.

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3. Baking Soda

Make a paste using water and baking soda and place the mixture on hardened bits of food in the microwave. Allow it to sit for five minutes and easily remove the mess.

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4. Sponge

Wet a kitchen sponge and place in the microwave to heat for a moment, creating steam to loosen hardened food.

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5. Dish Soap

Add a couple drops of dish soap to a mug of water and heat in the microwave to create a steam bath then wipe off dirt and cooked-on food with the warm, soapy water.

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6. Lemon

Add lemon juice to a bowl of water and microwave for a few minutes to loosen dirt and make for a fresh, fragrant cleaning solution.