How to Easily Cut Meat in Thin Slices for Stir-Fries

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Learning how to cut and slice raw meat is a skill all stir-fry cooks need in their kitchen arsenal. Yet, raw meat’s flimsy and gelatinous texture can be challenge to work with, especially when attempting to slice it into symmetrical, even sections for a stir-fry recipe. And, inexperienced cooks can wind up sawing away at the selected meat, which leaves you with raggedy bits that won’t cook up evenly.

Getting super thin slices of meat, particularly raw meat, can be a tough feat. And, even with a sharp knife, cutting a clean, totally even, thin piece of meat is challenging. So, here’s some quick tips to help you thinly slice an uncooked piece of meat like a pro.


1. Partially Frozen

Place any type of meat you wish to stir fry including chicken, beef, pork, or lamb, into the freezer until semi-frozen to make slicing into thin pieces a breeze. As the water inside meat turns to ice, it crystallizes, and gives meat more firmness.

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2. Against the Grain

Meat is more tender and easier to manage when sliced against the grain because the muscle fibers in meat are stacked parallel to each other.

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3. Smaller Beef Grain for Beginners

When preparing beef for stir fry, the novice should consider choosing cuts like filet mignon or New York strip because they have softer muscle and are much easier to slice into thin strips.

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4. Employ the Help of a Cutting Board

To prepare meat for stir fry, slice it on a cutting board for increased traction to achieve thinner pieces .

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5. Wrap in Plastic

To get the most out of the freezer method for chilling meat to slice for stir fry, wrap the whole piece of meat in plastic wrap and allow to sit in the freezer for 15-20 minutes.

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6. Double Slicing

Achieve great results when slicing chicken for recipes like Thai Chicken Stir Fry by cutting boneless breast halves crosswise into ¼” slices and cutting them in half again for perfect, bite-sized chunks.

Credits to: Martha Stewart