How to Extend Nuts’ Shelf Life

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Nuts are the ultimate protein snack. They’re rich in nutrients and heart-healthy fat and can easily turn the simplest of recipes into a gourmet treat. But, if nuts aren’t stored correctly, they can go rancid quickly and lose their flavor and texture. Luckily, there are several great ways to store nuts to keep them at their best.

Nuts can be stored both in or out of the shell. They last longer in the shell but if you’ve purchased them already shelled, a good beginning strategy is to keep them away from high odor foods such as onions as nuts like to take on the smell of things near them. So, to help, here’s a list of tips for extending the shelf life of all the nuts you purchase.


1. Refrigerator

All nuts last longer when placed in the refrigerator after purchase. This especially pertains to walnuts, cashews, and pecans as they turn rancid quickly in warm climates.

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2. Air-Tight Containers

Place nuts in air-tight containers to create a barrier against moisture and contaminants. Both canning jars and plastic containers work well for extending nuts’ shelf life.

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3. Freezer

To extend the shelf life of nuts for the long term, store them in the freezer to preserve their integrity and taste.

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4. Leave Them in the Shell

Nuts left in their shell last much longer than shelled nuts so consider this option during purchase.

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5. Location


The ideal environment for storing nuts and extending their shelf life is to keep them in a cool, dark place.

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6. Moisture Considerations

Moisture has a big effect on the shelf life of nuts so store them in containers and places which are both clean and dry.