A Fun Winter’s Day

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We set out early to soak up as much sun and fun as possible on this winter’s day. Even though it’s the middle of winter it feels like a spring day.

We packed up the car with the girls’ scooters and headed to a bike track down by the water.

Ayla went zooming around the bike track with not a care in the world. She’s very confident on her scooter, so much so that she almost looks like she’s falling asleep sometimes.

After a quick ride we headed to our local Bunnings store so the girls could get their faces painted. They both knew what they wanted and, fingers pointing, they both said “that one”, so the lady painted their faces just the way they wanted. The girls were so happy with how they looked that they became the characters their faces portrayed.

It was unanimously decided that we go back to the bike track, where the girls had a splash around in the water while a black swan and some ducks played nearby. Willow was wondering if the black swan wanted to eat her because she said, “It looks hungry”. I said, “No, it’s a friendly swan”.

Ayla rode her scooter for ages while Willow walked around pondering life as a 2 year old until finally it was time to go home and have some dinner.

Ayla and Willow said they had the best time and Scarlett simply said, “Rubble rubble rubble”.