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  • Bubble Gum

    Ever tried to make your own bubble gum?  With this simple recipe you now can blow your mind and taste buds

  • 2 Ingredient Chocolate Ice Cream Bread

    Ever wanted to have bread that tasted like chocolate ice cream? Well now you can with this simple recipe

  • Cookies & Cream Fudge

    Who doesn't love fudge? Now your taste buds can love it on a whole other level

  • 2 Ingredient Ice Cream

    Have you tried making ice cream only to find it's too difficult using a churn? With this simple recipe you will have the whole family lining up for 2nds

  • 2 Ingredient Pizza Dough

    Ever spent ages trying to master making pizza dough trying to get the right amount of yeast? There's no need for yeast in this awesome recipe

  • Lamington Donuts

    This is a marriage made in heaven. A donut that tastes like a lamington. Prepare for a flavour sensation your taste buds will never forget.

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With 20 divine and easy to cook recipes, there is something for everyone

  • 2 ingredient chocolate fudge
  • Scrambled eggs cheesecake
  • Sticky date pudding
  • Milk chocolate
  • Sweet & spicy prawns
  • Banana bread in a mug
20 Recipes to Impress - Simple Cooking Club

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