Giant Chocolate Crackle Cake (Video)

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A chocolatey, rich and crunchy texture is the delightful surprise hiding within this Giant Chocolate Crackle Cake. The magic happens when crackly, popped rice bubbles, savory butter, and the sweet and caramel goodness of syrup are smoothed together with luscious milk chocolate pieces to melt on the stove for the tasty batter which is separated in equal parts to set up perfectly in the refrigerator.

The flavorful frosting for the cake is created with sweet and indulgent icing sugar and heavenly, whipping cream. Add a dash of delightful food coloring and the frosting is ready to be smoothed over the cake surface.



– 10 Cups of rice bubbles
– 100 Grams of butter
– 1 Cup of golden syrup
– 450 Grams of milk chocolate


– 300-400ml of Whipping cream
– Add 1/4 cup of icing sugar
– Add food colouring if you want colour
– Add 100’s & thousands or sprinkles



1. Get 2 large mixing bowls and put in 5 cups of rice bubbles in one bowl and 5 cups in the other bowl.
2. Get a medium-sized sauce pan and put in the butter and golden syrup. Put the heat to low-medium and melt the butter. Once you see bubbles at the sides, turn the heat off.
3. Then add the milk chocolate and stir until it’s all melted.
4. Now pour half of the mixture to 1 rice bubbles bowl and half of the mixture to the other bowl. Mix it through until well combined.
5. Pour the mixture into a cake tin and put it in the fridge for 1-2 hours.


6. Get a mixing bowl and put in the whipping cream, icing sugar, and food colouring (whatever color you like). Whip until combined.
7. Get your rice bubble mixture and spread the frosting on top.
8. Then put some sprinkles on top.