Our Holiday Part One

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We hadn’t been on a holiday for years, so we decided the time was right to take off and have an adventure. We headed off up north to Port Macquarie to lap up some sun and enjoy the surroundings.

This was Ayla’s and Willow’s first holiday so they were pretty excited but, at the same time, a little unsure as to what a holiday actually was.

We arrived at the cabin that would be our home for the next few days and unpacked. Happily for us, we managed to time our arrival perfectly to go for a swim in the pool as well as try out the water slides that were on offer.

Within the water park was a paddling pool which had a giant bucket in the middle, so we stopped in front of it to take a good look. Ayla seemed fascinated and just stood there staring. I saw a photo opportunity so I told her to stand still and smile so I could take a photo. But, just as I started to take some photos the bucket tipped over and Ayla ran for her life. At first she was a little scared of the giant bucket that, once filled, tipped out a huge amount of water, drenching those that got in its way. However, it turned out that Ayla was too quick for the water bucket, running out of the way and saying, “I don’t like the bucket”. I told her that it was just water but if it was too scary I would help her avoid the bucket of water so she could go on the water slides. That worked and she had a great time on the slides.

The following day we visited the local zoo, where Ayla and Willow had a ball. Ayla patted a kangaroo and a wallaby, chased a chicken and, to her great delight, saw Peter Rabbit. Pretty soon it was time to eat so we found a nice spot to sit. We were all enjoying our yummy lunch until Ayla noticed some lizards sizing up our food. She threw a chip on the ground and about 10 lizards appeared from the shadows – but only one would win the prize.

The weather was still warm and sunny the following day, so in the morning we all played in the pool and took to the water slides again and in the afternoon we went to a park where the girls had great fun.

On our last night we had sushi for dinner, as requested by Ayla(I think sushi might be her favorite food). After dinner we put some music on.Ayla danced the night away while Willow watched on in bemusement only to find herself “boogieing” the night away just minutes later. Those two little girls just love to dance.

After the kids went to bed Jill and I finally got to sit down, relax and have a beer while contemplating our next holiday.