Homemade Sizzler’s Cheese Toast (Video)

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Turn a thick piece of fresh and chewy bread into a crunchy, savory delight when making these Homemade Sizzler’s Cheese Toast’s at home.

Softened butter folded together with tangy shredded cheese is spread over the chilled bread to get it ready for frying. After sizzling and searing in an oiled frying pan, the tasty slice becomes a crunch-coated cheesy piece of heaven that will make the usual grilled chilled sandwich seem ordinary at best. And, it pairs perfectly with a plate of pasta and meat sauce, grilled steak, or chicken and vegetable skewers.


– Thick bread – Freeze it for about 1 hour or so
– 125 Grams of softened butter
– 70 Grams of grated parmesan cheese


1. Get a bowl and put in the softened butter and grated parmesan cheese then mix it together.
2. Spread the cheese over the bread and put it back in the freezer for about 20 minutes.
3. Heat your pan at low-medium heat, spray some cooking oil, and fry the cheesy part of the bread first until it’s golden brown, then flip it over and fry the other side for about 2-3 minutes.