My Treat

My treat is so simple that anyone can make it. Today I’m going to make a custard tart. You won’t believe how simple this is. But before I get started we have to go back in time to this morning. I woke up to the sound ...

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My Secret

I have a little secret. A secret so shocking I can’t hold it in any longer. This secret is so well hidden not even a Vulcan mind meld could extract it from me. The time has come to reveal what I have kept so close to my ...

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Vlog – Cranky Joker & the Beach

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My Favourite Day

  The weekend started out like any other; changing nappies, making breakfast, not eating breakfast, then making a second breakfast – the life of two toddler’s is challenging. I checked the weather guide for the...

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Vlog – Cranky Joker & the Trampoline

Once upon a time Ayla & all her friends were on the trampoline having fun when suddenly the cranky joker turned up. Things he does next will scare...

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Jason’s Day 2

  Sunday started out peacefully, with Willow smiling and Ayla talking about our fruit garden, while my wife, Jill, cleaned up a bit. Today was going to be a warm one and I was happy to wear shorts and a t-shirt in ...

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Jason’s Day 1

  Today started out like any other day. Ayla, my three year old daughter, woke me up at the luxurious time of 6.45am with a request for a story about spiders & the cranky joker. How could I say no? Once my ...

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