How To Make A Brain Cocktail (Video)

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Make this delicious and fascinating Brain Cocktail at home like a pro by slipping a shot glass each of delectable Peach schnapps and sweet Irish cream into a tall martini glass. Watch as the tasty mixture swirls and slides around the glass to mimic a lovely brain. Next, a drizzling of delicious cherry cordial slips through the mixture adding color and pizazz while creating a unique and tantalizing flavor.

A perfect cocktail to make for a fun, friends night or a grown-up birthday bash to showcase your mixology knowledge.



– 2 Shots (30ml) of Peach schnapps
– 2 Shots (30ml) of Irish cream
– Grenadine or raspberry cordial



1. Get a glass and put in the Peach schnapps.
2. Then slowly pour the Irish cream.
3. Once done, add the Grenadine or raspberry cordial.