How to Make Bubble Gum (30 sec video)

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Did you know that you can make your own bubble gum with just a few simple ingredients and a bit of elbow grease? Imagine being able to create your own sticky, bubbly concoctions in the comfort of your own kitchen?

This recipe is for basic bubble gum but feel free to have fun with flavors and colors in future batches. This is a great rainy afternoon project for the kids and really sparks creativity and imagination. Oh, and did we mention how delicious it is? You’ll notice such a difference between homemade and store-bought that you’ll wonder why more people don’t make their own bubble gum.


– 1/3 cup gum mix
– 3 tbsp corn syrup
– 1 tsp glycerol
– 1/2 tsp citric acid
– 1 tsp flavouring
– 12 drops colour
– 1 cup icing sugar