How to Make Marshmallow Apricot Balls (Video)

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These tasty rounds are a quick and easy dessert kids will love to pop right in their mouth. And, it’s a great treat to serve at a kid’s party of sleepover.

Sweet cookies, dried apricots and gooey, mini marshmallows get a gentle blending in a food processor with crunchy peanuts, decadent, white chocolate and tender, flaky coconut. Pulse the ingredients together for a minute and flavor with vanilla for a buttery taste. The addition of sweetened, condensed milk elevates the dessert into moist yumminess. Form little balls of the mixture in your palm and roll them in more flaked coconut before refrigerating to set.



– 125 Grams of sweet cookies
– 130 Grams of dried apricots
– 60 Grams of mini marshmallows
– 30 Grams of peanuts
– 40 Grams of white chocolate
– 20 Grams of desiccated coconut
– 1/4 Teaspoon of vanilla extract
– 220 Grams of sweetened condensed milk



1. Get a food processor and crush the sweet cookies, dried apricots, mini marshmallows, peanuts, white chocolate, and desiccated coconut.
2. Once it’s crushed into crumbs, pour it into a mixing bowl and add the vanilla extract and sweetened condensed milk. Mix it together until well combined.
3. Get your mixture and roll it into little balls.
4. Roll it into the desiccated coconuts then put in the fridge to set.