How To Make A Monkey Cake (Video)

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Make this moist and delicious dessert with the delightful name for a children’s birthday or fun finish to a weekend barbecue party.

Monkey Cake starts with a fresh-baked, round cake that is cooled in preparation for frosting.
Liven-up white frosting with savory peanut butter to create the shape of the monkey’s face. Use jaffas for the eyes and rich, creamy chocolate sauce for the nose and mouth. Frost the remainder of the cake with chocolate frosting for a perfect complement to peanut butter and cover with sweet and crunchy coco pops. Kids and adults alike with thrill at the tasty result.



– 1 chocolate cake with no frosting
– 1/2-3/4 cup of white frosting
– 2-3 Tablespoons peanut butter
– Jaffas
– chocolate syrup
– Chocolate frosting
– chocolate coco pops
– Banana peel (for decoration)
– round cookie



1. Get your cake, cut the top so it’s nice and flat.
2. Get a small bowl and put in the white frosting and peanut butter then mix it through.
3. Using the white frosting mixture, create a monkey face.
4. Use something for the eyes like Jaffas, smarties, etc.
5. Use the chocolate sauce or frosting for the nose & mouth.
6. Put chocolate frosting around the face and the rest of the cake.
7. Add chocolate coco pops all over the chocolate frosting.
8. Cut the round cookie in half and add it as the ears.
9. Decorate with some banana peel.