How to Make Peanut Butter (Video)

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Store-bought peanut butter is fine but when you really want to give your family a great, healthy version that’s free of additives or preservatives, try this yummy, homemade Peanut Butter recipe. With the help of your handy kitchen blender add fresh, tender peanuts and peanut oil and blend into a smooth, buttery consistency. And, that’s all there is to it! Spread a spoonful on a soft piece of bread and add some strawberry jam for a sweet and savory classic sandwich or add a dollop to your favorite smoothie recipe for a boost of nutrients and flavor.



– 1.5 Cups of roasted peanuts
– 1-1.5 Tablespoons of peanut oil



1. Get a blender and put in the roasted peanuts and peanut oil.
2. Blend it until it’s smooth and creamy.