How To Make Soft Serve Slime Without Borax (Video)

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When the kids want to try their hand at making a fun batch of homemade Soft Serve Slime, try this quick and easy recipe that doesn’t require borax as one of the ingredients.

Simple white school glue is the base for the clever slime that gets its hue from a few drops of vibrant food coloring. Whip them together and watch the color come to life with the addition of soft baby powder sprinkled right in the mix. Add some contact lens solution and baking soda and watch the magical elasticity happen right before your eyes.



Food colouring
Baby powder
Contact lense solution
Baking soda


1. Get a bowl and put in the glue and food colouring then mix it together.
2. Add some baby powder and mix well until fully combined.
3. Add the contact lense solution and mix again.
4. Add the baking soda, mix together and you’re done.