My Treat

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My treat is so simple that anyone can make it. Today I’m going to make a custard tart. You won’t believe how simple this is. But before I get started we have to go back in time to this morning.

I woke up to the sound of an annoying rooster with its taunting crow screaming at me to get out of bed. The problem, besides being woken up, was once I was up he didn’t stop! Funny that.

After my morning coffee I dragged myself to the car for the trip to my local shops. Since I didn’t need many ingredients I managed to stay focused until I saw someone drinking a coffee. That was it! Another coffee was what I needed. After inhaling my second coffee of the day I grabbed the last of the ingredients and headed home – but not before popping into a Café to grab a takeaway coffee, just In case I wanted another one after I got home.

As I unloaded the shopping, I heard loud squeals. I ran inside to find Aylaand Willow out the back jumping on their trampoline. Oh the joy of hearing your little angels having fun. I sat and watched Ayla for a while and then decided it was time to start getting ready for my treat. This is such an easy treat to make; 2.5 cups or 625ml of milk (4%), half a cup of sugar, one tablespoon of vanilla extract and three eggs. I already had the tart base for my eagerly anticipated dessert. I just added all the ingredients into a large mixing bowl and whisked away. It’s that easy!

My Treat 10

My Treat 1

My Treat 2

I turned on the oven to 140 degrees Celsius and poured the mixture into two large tart bases with Ayla& Willow watching on. The smell was incredible. Once the oven was heated up I carefully placed both custard tarts on the top rack and closed the door.

My Treat 3

It would take about 45 minutes or so before I could take them out, so I asked the family what they wanted to do for the next 45 minutes. Jill’s response was, “Let’s sit outside and eat some mandarins from our tree”. Willow agreed, so I took that as a second vote in favor. Ayla concurred but also said, “Trampoline”, so we went down to the backyard, picked four mandarins and sat on the back deck in the sun enjoying the sweetness that was offered up by the tree. The girls had been jumping on the trampoline for half an hour when I heard the buzzer go off.

I ran upstairs to check the oven and make sure the tarts were ready to come out. They were. Woo hoo! I seem to recall doing a little dance of excitement. Thankfully no one saw, or if they did they probably just looked the other way. I sprinkled some ground nutmeg onto the tops of the tarts and put them in the fridge to set. At least four hours is good but overnight is preferable.

My Treat 4

After opening the fridge throughout the day more times than I could count, I could resist no longer and decided that they were ready to eat after five hours and 43 minutes. I carefully took them out of the fridge and placed them on the table, the whole time thinking to myself, “These are mine”, while looking around to see if anyone else had their eyes on the prize.

My Treat 6

I cut a piece and straight away I knew this had set perfectly. I got a sudden rush of excitement. I knew this was going to be amazing. I could smell the flavors. I lifted a piece to my mouth and carefully took a small bite; I didn’t want to seem too eager. That first bite was so good my eyes rolled back into my head. When that happens I know I’ve hit the jackpot.

My Treat 8

My Treat 7

My Treat 9

No one was around so I cut an even bigger piece and ate it in two bites. My work was done. This was my treat that I love to make just for myself. I managed to leave some for the family as well; just enough not to start a mutiny.



2.5 Cups of warm milk

1/2 Cup of sugar

3 Eggs

1 Tablespoon of vanilla extract

Tart base

Ground nutmeg

Add 2.5 cups of milk, ½ cup of sugar, 3 eggs and 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract.

Mix well in a large bowl with a whisk. Pour the mixture into two large tart bases & add to the oven once heated to 140 degrees Celsius or 280 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes. Carefully take out of the oven & place on the counter to cool for 30 minutes. Add ground nutmeg to the top & then place into the fridge to set for 4-6 hours or overnight.


My Treat 5