Our Story

Jason from the Simple Cooking Club currently resides on the central coast of NSW, Australia. He started making cooking videos on YouTube 2010 and instantly saw the potential this medium could offer. Ever since that first upload it’s been full steam ahead and with over 1.1 Million subscribers he is now one of the biggest online food influencers in the world, sitting just behind Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay. With his quirky and fun nature well ingrained in his videos he also offers something a little different and unique which people are drawn to.

Simple Cooking Club

In 2015 he appeared on the TV program “The Project”. In late 2011 he appeared in a major article in the Sydney Morning Herald and 2014 and was interviewed by 2UE. He has also appeared in local newspapers and was invited by YouTube be a guest speaker at a large YouTube event in 2010.

Simple cooking club Jason

Having dedication, determination and drive, Jason is a genuine home grown YouTube star as well as a family man who loves to cook up big meals for friends and family anytime they drop by.   Jason has decided to build this recipe inspiration community (SCC) for people like you looking for simple and delicious recipes that don’t require a university degree to prepare.

Simple Cooking Club Jason's Family

Jason will be uploading videos weekly as well as mouth-watering recipe compilations, live Q & A with his viewers, recipe cards to keep cooking in the kitchen as simple as possible for you at home, and much much more.  So hopefully you will come back to visit us often to get your weekly recipe inspiration fix.