How to Steer Clear of Ice Cream Freezer Burn

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People love to eat delicious ice cream with all its creamy texture and vast array of flavor options. But, there’s nothing quite so disappointing as settling in with a nice bowl of ice cream to find that it’s been compromised by freezer burn. But, luckily there’s some tried and true hacks for keeping your ice cream at its yummy best and here’s a list of some of the best.


1. Freezer Thermometer

Store ice cream at zero degrees Fahrenheit and employ a freezer thermometer to lessen the chance of it developing freezer burn.

Credits to: BenJerry


2. Freezer Placement

Store ice cream in the back of the freezer because the warm air that enters when the door is open will cause it to get freezer burn.

Credits to: BenJerry


3. Chest Freezer

To keep things like ice cream at their best, keep them in a chest freezer which is normally colder than the ones attached to a refrigerator.

Credits to: The Kitchn


4. Wrap it Up

Use plastic wrap or wax paper to cover ice cream after it’s opened and the protective barrier has been removed to ward off freezer burn.

Credits to: The Kitchn


5. No Softening Time

It’s best not to allow your ice cream to soften for easier scooping as this invites freezer burn to form.

Credits to: Cool Mom Eats


6. Avoid the Freezer Door

Although pints of ice cream fit perfectly in the freezer door, it’s the worst place to store it and the best place for it to develop freezer burn.

Credits to: Epicurious


7. Upside Down Trick

Preserve the integrity of partially-eaten ice cream by storing the remaining confection upside down in the freezer.

Credits to: Pop Sugar


8. Ice Cream Maker Fix

Revive ice cream that has developed freezer burn by allowing it to melt and placing it in an ice cream maker to restore its chilly texture and taste.

Credits to: Food and Wine