Super Food Salad Recipe (Video)

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When you want to make a seriously healthy but great tasting salad this Super Food Salad recipe delivers on both counts. Simple, quick, and easy, this nutrient-packed salad starts with fresh, green, baby spinach tossed with wild rocket greens and kale. Add color with a juicy, ripe tomato chopped into bite-sized pieces and zesty flavor with diced onion and smooth avocado chunks. Chopped celery delivers the crunch along with black chia seeds and tender, grated cheese.

The light and flavorful dressing is made with apple cider vinegar which is tossed to cover the antioxidant-filled salad that eats like a meal.



– Baby spinach
– Wild rocket
– Kale
– Cut up 1 large tomato
– Cut up 1 small Spanish onion
– Cut up 1 large avocado
– Cut up 1 long stem of Celery
– 3-4 Tablespoons of Black chia seeds
– Grated cheese ( Optional )
– 2 Tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar



1. Get a large mixing bowl and put in the baby spinach, wild rocket, kale, tomatoes, onion, avocado, celery, black chia seeds, cheese, and apple cider vinegar.
2. Mix together and serve.