Valentine’s Day Rainbow M&M Heart Cake (Video)

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means we have another reason to create a
special dessert in our kitchens. And, this Rainbow M&M Heart Cake is just the recipe to set the mood for the holiday.

The festive cake is made with delicious ingredients like a pre-made, moist chocolate cake cut
into a diamond shape and two half circles of a separate, round cake to make the nifty heart shape.
Frost your endearing creation with your favourite frosting flavor and cover with a rainbow
design of alternating M&M’s for a beautiful finish that could easily serve as the centerpiece for a special Valentine’s Day dinner.



– 1 round cake
– 1 square cake
– Adding frosting
– Add M&M’s, skittles, smarties etc to decorate



1. Bake 1 cake in a square tin & 1 cake in a round tin.
2. Get the square cake and position it like a diamond. Then cut the round cake in half stick it to the upper side of the square cake. The result
should look like a heart-shaped cake.
3. Put some frosting all over the top then decorate with M&M’s, skittles, or smarties.