Vampire Cocktail (Video)

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This enticing and chilly Vampire Cocktail is a fun and eerie creation you can make with a couple spoonfuls of creamy, dreamy vanilla ice cream and rich, delicious triple sec combined with luscious, smooth white crème de cacao. Blend all the yummy ingredients together and pour it into a beautiful martini glass for an impressive presentation.

The finishing touch and the artistic flair come with the help of cherry cordial which is carefully drizzled across the top of the cocktail mixture. And, it’s the perfect party drink to impress your guests or, for adding a unique and frightening touch to a Halloween party.



2-4 Scoops of vanilla ice cream
2 Shots of triple sec
2 Shots of white creme de cacao
Grenadine or red cordial



1. Get your blender and put in the vanilla ice cream, triple sec, and white creme de cacao.
2. Blend it until well combined and pour it into a cocktail or martini glass
3. Then pour some Grenadine or red cordial.